Yes, it will! The gaming industrie permanently grows and with it the eSport. Every year more and more professional gamer take part on tournaments with huge price pools. In 2015 a single tournament named „The International“ for the game DotA2 gave to their participants $18’429’613.05! 16 Teams took part of it, each team with 5 players. The first team, Evil Geniuses won $6,634,660.68, thats more than a million per player. But what is DotA2? As i said before, a team is build by 5 players whose main focus is to defend their base also known as „Ancient“ and to destroy the other’s side Ancient.

The fact that more than 20 Million People watched The International 2015 (statement by valve – producer of Dota2) is enough to show you how big the eSport Scene is, and that’s just the beginning.


Almost every Person between 5 and 50 60 years was already in contact with a game. Maybe it was Snake on an old Nokia mobile phone, Clash of Clans or Angry Bird on the Smartphone. Today I was in the train on my way to work and for one moment i took my head of my Macbook, what happens really rarely, and watched the people sitting around me. On one side its frightening seeing so many people chatting and gaming so focused on their devices, but on the other hand it’s so amazing when you see happy people laughing after a win or progress on their preferred game.

We love to be strong in things we do, we love to progress and we love to win – that’s just human!

Nowadays a lot of schools are using games in their daily program. Gaming isn’t just killing other gamers in a virtual world with a sniper rifle, sure it can be. But a lot of games are plenty of learning elements, and more and more game developers are creating „learning games“ to improve maths, languages and the whole school program.

Also in eSport the games played need a lot of strengths. It’s not that big muscle and protein supplements sport it’s more like chess. You need to have full control of your brain and concentrate for several hours. Your brain will have to show high performance, or you will lose the game. Professional Gaming has a lot of strategical and team based coordination aspects which have to be trained. That’s why eSport Teams build Gaming Houses where players train up to 12 hours a day in order to prepare for the next tournament.

I think that it’s only a question of time, until eSport is a mainstream entertainment sport. Companies as Apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla etc. are changing the way we live and a lot of them are supporting or including Games in their System. For example Facebook and Blizzard Entertainment, one of the biggest Game Developer whose subscription based Game World of Warcraft reached more than 12 million monthly paying players, are planning to give their customers the possibility to log in to the game with Facebook and directly stream while they’re playing on their personal Facebook Page. Now all of your Facebook Friends and Family will see when you’re playing and support you.


Switzerland is one of the wealthiest Countries on the world. Nice for financial start-ups, tech firms etc. but not for an eSport Team. In Switzerland the salaries are high, to high for us and at the moment we do not have enough earnings from gaming to afford a regular salary to our players. The the time effort to play on the worlds major league isn’t compatible with our jobs and studies. But with Swiss Prime Gaming we work on that vision. We’re trying to develop a system to support the best swiss gamers become an eSport Hero.

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